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OptimaSys has built far over 500 websites and has an extensive experience in design, programming and integrations with other systems in a wide array of technologies. We apply the latest technologies yet bearing in mind that for compatibility and SEO reasons, your site needs to be made of technologies that allow for this compatibility.

Speed, ease of use, potential to rank in the search engines, and many other factors are taken into account.

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Optima-CRM can connect with ANY website through various methods. It allows for real-time connections where a website 'calls' CRM to search properties and CRM returns results lists as well as details of properties. Furthermore contact forms are integrated so that enquiries from your website automatically create new leads (or add to existing leads) saving you time and errors. Such leads carry all details the person transmits via your website, creating possible a profile of what they need at the same time. Leads can be both owners or buyers/renters.

Rental enquiries & bookings can also be generated from a website, as far as allowing for online payments.

This makes it possible to connect to an existing website or a new website that we can build for you from scratch, or based on existing models saving you time and money. You can choose from a series of models from which to start and create your professional website with all changes and options you select, and in any languages you need.

When we create a new website, whether it's based on a model or from scratch, we completely integrate all elements of the website. Besides the integration elements here above, we also connect all pages and blogs to the custom CMS (Content Manegement System) in CRM to allow for a centralised management of any content of our website. This also includes translations, images and contents of non-property related pages.

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Yes there exists a WP plugin for Optima-CRM. You can freely download and use this plugin at which point you can configure the settings for layouts and behaviour from the many possible combinations. Furthermore if you are a WP developer, you could use it as a base to customaise the coding of the plugin to fully match your needs.

We would like to draw your attention though that WordPress is not the most ideal technology for real estate websites. The many templates that are provided for WP unfortunately do not cope with the mass data that is typically stored for properties and their images, which makes WP a slow environment for loading and navigating properties. It is possible yes, and we have helped several companies with their WP installation to use in conjunction with Optima-CRM, but need to point out that if you have the option to change the technology to a pure PHP/JavaScript framework, you and your visitors will greatly benefit. Ask us more details and we'd happily show you why!

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Overall we avoid working with templates as they look like...templates. To make your business and online presence unique, we recommend to build a unique website and not implement a template.

We do however have base models available, from which we can start build a totally unique site that doesn't look like a template as it isn't a template. The way base models work is you pick the one that closest fit your needs and design taste, after which we can start building your site around it. This has the great advantages that it saves a lot of time and cost for you.

Have a look at our available models.

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There is no limit of the number of languages your website has. CRM allows you to maintain all contents in any language you define and maintain. Consult with us to know what additional languages can cost in your website configuration.

We do not use an automated translation tools such as Google Translator plugins as this doesn't serve important purposes such as SEO positioning, nor the persons consulting your site in a language written by a robot (typically not grammatically accurate). Maintaining contents of a website nowadays has become much more of a SEO activity and a way to communicate 'in person' with your audience, which requires greater knowledge and expertise than before.

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All our websites are built to show well on any device, browser, screen size and operating system. Our sites are fully responsive and go way farther than just that!

Speed is a critical element of a website, whereas we apply latest technologies to encourage the navigation & loading speed of your website. At the same time we bear in mind that new technologies are great on newer devices yet on older devices and/or browsers those may cause issues. Also for SEO, Google needs to be able to 'read' your contents whereas sometimes with new technologies they have an issue with this. Therefore we use hybrid technologies to achieve all of the above!

SEO-friendly & compatible
Responsive adapting to any screen size and device
Compatible with new and older browsers
Compatible with any operating system (MacOS, Windows)

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That's a tricky question...similar as "how long does it take to build a house and move-in?" But rest doesn't take anywhere close to building a house!

The time it takes to build a website depends on a series of factors such as, amongst others:

  • Is it based on an existing model or is it a 100% custom-built site?
  • What type of website do you need? A simple or complex one?
  • Do you need only resales properties, or also new construction projects, long term rentals and holiday rentals bookings?
  • How many languages do you want your site to cover?
  • Which extra options are you selecting (e.g. map drawing for searching properties)
  • How interactive with moving elements do you need your site to be?
  • How fast can you react when we ask you a question?
  • Will you take part in the process?

Once we sit down and understand your preferences, we can indicate how long we believe it'll take.

From experience we know we can build sites on average between 6 and 12 weeks, which is very fast comparing with the industry building the types of sites we build. As always there are exceptions tat confirm the rule, in both directions. We have delivered sites within one week, and others that have taken much longer than the average time. Both have their reasons and consequences. Ask us about your new site!

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You are the one who communicates to your audience, which means that the messages best come from you. We encourage our clients to provide as much contents themselves as possible.

However we do have services available to create contents in various languages, especially to help with making a site contents SEO-friendly. Our content writers and SEO team are experts in those areas. And even when you provide the texts, we do offer assistance to review and advise you on SEO elements to be aware of within content elements.

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All our websites are created with SEO in mind and by definition are prepared for SEO.

The vast majority of our clients opt for us to do their On-Site SEO which includes a whole series of activities in terms of page structure, keywords analysis, optimisation of contents, creation of Google Search Console account, prepare and implement 301 redirections and lots more.

It's important to havea a website that can be SEO'ed + to do the actual On-Site SEO for any website. Hence we offer On-Site SEO as part of the website creation project. Furthermore we also offer the option to contract our Off-Site SEO services, which in combination with On-Site SEO will allow your website to climb in the ranking organically, and capture an increasing amount of visitors to your website.

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We offer both organic (SEO) and paid (SEM) website positioning.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO starts with an intense exercise of On-Site work, whereas we redefine the code structure, implement canonical coding, provide ALT tags on relevant links and images, define H-tags, do keywords analysis, decide on the best-fitted search terms for your niche and target markets, optimise your contents, create accounts and tools such as Google Search Console, validate & solve potential issues, and much more. At the end of this exercise, your website is clean and ready to be ranked properly and much faster.

A next activity focuses on Off-Site activities, where we focus on expanding your footprint on the large internet. We call this the creation of third party credibility, whereas other websites and internet authorities recognise you/your site as the expert in your niche. Here we apply a set f diverse types of organic link building.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

In many cases you want your website to be visible much faster than possible with organic positioning, whereas you have the option to reach page one of Google by paying for advertisement. Herefore we can create smart Ad campaigns that reach your objectives with the highest positive results, at the lowest possible cost.


Furthermore we also deal with your social media campaigns if you like.

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