Buy a Website

Real Estate Websites to Own

All our websites are natively integrated into Optima-CRM for flawless communications & easy content maintenance from within CRM's Content Management System (CMS).

Buy it outright


Enjoy the lowest possible price when you buy outright!


  • Best price guaranteed
  • Pay 50% at start of project
  • Pay remaining 50% at completion of project
  • 60 days bug fix period upon going live

Finance it conveniently


Enjoy the most flexibility to own your site!


  • Lowest price possible
  • Pay only 500 € the start your project
  • Pay-as-you-go over 24 months easy payments
  • Without any financing qualification process

3 ways to get yours:

  1. Choose a Model site, configure it to your needs and wants and bring it live. The fastest way to own your own website, modeling after a proven design.
    • Fast & solid (typically 1 week but can be faster)
    • Turnkey solution
  2. Building your site based on a Model where we make specific changes in design and functions. A great compromise between originality and speed in building your unique site.
    • Short development time benefiting from a model (typically 6-8 weeks)
    • Adapted to your specifics needs and wants
  3. We design a site from scratch where you get all the bells and whistles you can imagine: this is the most flexible way to obtain a truly unique result. This process takes typically longer as all has to be defined and then created made-to-measure.
    • The sky is the get exactly what you want
    • No second site looks alike
    • Longer development time (typically few months)

The Benefits of Owning Your Site

  1. What you own is yours: you decide what it looks like & when to change what.
  2. Best price for your investment, no hidden fees or costs ever.
  3. Owning your main marketing vehicle is always the smartest move.
  4. Host it wherever you want, with greatest benefits when we host it close to your CRM account.
  5. Duplicate as many versions as you need.