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How to use

  1. Select Base Model: basis for your website includes:
    • Up to 2 languages
    • Main pages like:
      • Home
      • Generic page (e.g. Services): you can create as many as you need based on this format
      • Search results
      • Property details
      • About us
      • Contact
    • Minor adaptations of the models design:
      • Colours
      • Add/remove sections
      • All content can be updated
    • Fast & advanced website engine fully integrated in Optima-CRM custom CMS (Content Management System).
    • CMS allows you to change virtually any content of the website yourself.
  2. Redesign one or more/all pages:
    • A redesign of a page, for example the Home page, counts for 1 page redesign, when it's more than removing/adding 1 item.
    • A custom design based on a model typically means about 4 pages redesigned.
    • A complete custom design requires the ALL pages redesign option.
  3. Add other options as you see fit to obtain website cost.
  4. Finally add additional services like SEO and hosting options.
  5. Once calculated, you can instantly calculate the financing terms to the right of the website calculator.

Financing your website

You can purchase your website at once which is the most economical solution for someone who has the means to pay for it now. This way you'd pay 50% at the start of the project and 50% upon completion of the website, before going live.

Financing your site is easy and doesn't require any credit check nor bank intermediary since we finance your website ourselves. Payments are spread over 24 months, after the initial start-up payment of 500€.

To know your monthly payment, enter the amount to finance below.

Notes regarding Financing:

* No bank approval is required as we finance your website.

* A financed website is hosted on our servers for the initial 24 months. Therefore we include 24 months of dedicated and managed hosting of your website at 30€ per month (= 720€ for 2 years) - in USD: $864. Do not include this amount in the amount to be financed as this is automatically added.

* You can finance 100% of the site or pay a part and finance the rest.

* Minimum financed amount is 1000€ - in USD: $1200.

* Start-up fee: 500€ - in USD: $600.


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