Rent a Website

Rent A Real Estate Website

All our websites are natively integrated into Optima-CRM for flawless communications & easy content maintenance from within CRM's Content Management System (CMS).


Your professional website without a large investment nor long term commitment!

  • Only a 297 € ($360) start-up fee
  • Pay a small monthly rental fee of only 100 € (or $120)
  • Choose your Optima-CRM subscription level for one or more users (75 € per user or $90)
  • Select one of the available rental sites
  • Define your colours and branding
  • Update contents of your site as you see fit from within Optima-CRM

The Benefits of Renting Your Site

  1. Very fast up and running: no waiting time to get your business out on the internet.
  2. Small investment without any commitment beyond the current month.
  3. A professional website in the same technologies & fully integrated in Optima-CRM of our custom websites.
  4. Access & update all content control functions from within the Content Manager (CMS) of CRM.
  5. If you like it in the future, you have the option to buy it!